2021 Trends in Executive Development

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Purchase of the 2021 Trends in Executive Development includes a digital copy (delivered via email).

The Trends in Executive Development report has been the leading compilation of research for organizations across the globe to benchmark their executive and high-potential development practices.

Today, after more than 35 years of research and reports, it has become a trusted resource and industry benchmark created for talent and leadership development professionals as well as executives who believe in developing their organization’s talent in a way that they become a competitive advantage.

This year, the study is based on the direct input of those who oversee the development of the organization’s leaders for 1,030 medium and large organizations as well as the insights and analysis of executive development experts and executives.

2020 gave us an eye-opening look at the capabilities of our leaders and the 2021 survey results identify both current and future trends impacting the executive development industry.   Some of the most interesting highlights include:

  1. We can be innovative when we have to be.
  2. Compassion increased and may need to be emphasized going forward.
  3. We need
    1. leaders who understand the whole company and not just their silos
    2. critical thinkers at every level
    3. increased communication & transparency
    4. ability to lead through change, change, and more change
    5. employees who are empowered to use their critical thinking skills
    6. companies who are genuinely committed to equity & inclusion

More importantly, a collective look at the trends points toward an overall need pause and review what is working and what is not and make the appropriate adjustments.

“The 2021 Trends gave us more insight than we expected, and we are excited to share the results.  With 2020 we learned a lot about our leaders and their capabilities, and that knowledge is exactly what organizations need to create powerful executive development that will help them lead through the tumultuous landscape and win in the marketplace.”

-Bonnie Hagemann, CEO, EDA, Inc.

The Benchmark Report provides a comprehensive examination of each of these trends, their implications, and ways to address them moving forward.  Complete Study Results include:

  • Highly Influential Conditions
  • Key Competencies in Demand
  • Top Priorities Moving Forward
  • Leadership Teams
  • Hot Topics in Executive Development
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Layers of Leaders and the Leadership Pipeline
  • Planning, Needs Analysis, & Strategic Design
  • Expenditures, Policy, & Strategy
  • System Design and Measurements

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