Online Solutions Introduction

Online SolutionsAs a consultant you’ve made a number or presentations to clients and prospects – sometimes in small group sessions, sometimes in larger venues and probably on live stream webinars like Go To Meeting. No doubt most of those instances resulted in compensation for you – either for the presentation or from related client work resulting from your presentation.

But those were probably one-off situations and your presentation was geared to the specific situation or client. But what if you were able to modify that same presentation to a more “generic audience” and resell it – over and over. And the best part – you only have to present it once and get paid every time it’s sold!

Welcome to the latest venture of Executive Development Associates – Online Solutions.


The scenario described above is just one of many that we are going to be introducing through our new Online Solutions website in 2014. Online Solutions will be a repository of our own consultant’s courses, training courses from others related to our industry, downloadable publications – again some of our own and some from others authors and publishers.

If you have your own publications, trainings, published works – Online Solutions provides a great opportunity for your materials to gain exposure. And when any of your publications are sold through Online Solutions, you get paid.

Affiliate Program

We’ll also be introducing an affiliate program for our consultants which will allow you to earn a nice commission on any referrals you send to Online Solutions who purchase other products. You can provide your clients access to our growing line of outstanding courses and earn an “affiliate commission” on each sale made through a special weblink we’ll provide to you.

Example: Consultant A produces an online course that is published in Online Solutions. Consultant B has a client that has a need for the content published in Consultant A’s course. Consultant B provides their client with a direct website link to Consultant A’s course and after purchasing, Consultant A earns a Publisher’s Commission and Consultant B earns an Affiliate Commission on the sale.

Become A Course Publisher

If we publish your course, you’ll earn a Publisher’s Commission on each course sold – regardless of whether or not the purchaser is one of your clients, another EDA client or someone not currently associated with EDA or one of our Consultants. We’re going to be marketing Online Solutions to our large list as well as using social media and other internet marketing to promote the courses. You should also consider marketing the courses to your email list and through your social media.

Existing Content

We’re going to be adding new content each quarter to Online Solutions and if you have current content that you feel would be good content, please Contact Us.

Once we discuss your content and determine it would be good content for Online Solutions, we’ll put you in touch with our web content team and they will determine what will need to be done to convert your existing content into a final publish-ready product.

Our web content team will coordinate the process with us and we’ll finalize the details with you and plan a final publishing date for your training program.

Future Content

Option 1 – You may have an upcoming seminar, webinar or presentation planned that you believe will be a good course for Online Solutions. Contact Us and let us know what you have planned and we’ll determine what will need to be done to finalize your Future Content into a potential product for Online Solutions.

Option 2 – You don’t have any upcoming plans to present a course you’ve developed that you believe would be a good course for Online Solutions but you have time to record the audio portion of your presentation and have the visual components (PowerPoint, Keynote Presentation, etc.) finalized. Again, Contact Us and let us know about your course and we’ll put you in touch with our web content team who can assist you what will be needed to finalize your course into a potential product for Online Solutions.

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