How long should my course be?

Minimum should be approximately hour. The ideal is really dependent on your content and how long you feel someone will stay engaged in the subject.

Will the content be viewable on tablets and smartphones?

Yes. Courses will be formatted to play on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Similar to YouTube.

I will be presenting to a client on a webinar. Can I record that presentation and convert it into a Course?

The technical answer is Yes. You’ll need to make sure the software you are using such as “Go To Meeting” is set up properly to record the presentation. You’ll need to provide us with the final recorded version or access to the final recording so we can download and review the content. If approved, we’ll add the necessary “Intro’s and Outro’s” to finalize the course.

I have a Course I currently use with clients and prospects. What do I need to do to convert it into a Video Course?

We’ll help you with this. We have developed an instructional video that covers the entire process. It’s really not difficult and we’ll be glad to help you get started and along the way.

Will I need any special or expensive equipment or recording software?

Not really. The recording software is free and available in both PC and Mac versions. You’ll need a good headset with boom microphone and we’ll provide one or if you have one with a gaming unit, that will probably work. We’ll provide a list of headsets that we recommend if you want to purchase one yourself at a store like BestBuy or online from Amazon.

When I finish my recordings, what do I do then?

Contact us and we’ll provide a link to an online folder that you can upload your recordings to. It’s easy. If you have ever sent an email with an attachment, then you’ll have no problems. Again, we’ll provide video instructions.

How does the process work?

Typically you have a PowerPoint presentation you work from. You’ll simply use your PowerPoint in the same manner as if you were presenting to a live audience. Only this time you’ll be recording your voice presentation using the headset mic we furnish/recommend and recording using the software we recommend. Again, we’ll provide instructions on how to set everything up and how to record. We’ll even provide some hints and tricks to make sure it all works.

How will these courses be marketed?

Our team will ensure every course description if fully optimized for the search engines to correctly index our courses. Additionally, we’ll be doing regular email marketing to our list of over 12,000 as well as marketing through social media.

Can I help with the marketing?

Absolutely. If you have an email list we’ll provide you with email content to send to your clients. That content will also contain your special affiliate weblink. You can also market through your own social media and post excerpts to your YouTube Channel. If you’re not currently utilizing multiple forms of internet marketing and social media, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our internet marketing team.